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Organic Kombucha

A ‘miracle food’ of the ancients and known in China as the ‘tea of immortality’, kombucha has been rediscovered as a deeply healthy tonic with life-giving qualities.  We make our own fermented kombucha by hand from an age-old process ensuring the maximum benefits and a footprint you can trust…


Organic Raw Chocolate

Who knew something so indulgent could also be so good for you? Raw chocolate is infused with good things without the health risks associated with its refined form. Dairy, soya and gluten free, this pure and totally natural product is lovingly handcrafted by us from bean to bar retaining all of its precious qualities.


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Know your logos

Wondering what all the little symbols mean on our packaging? Logos are important indicators of the quality and standards of food products, so read our mini-guide which explains the story behind each one…

Our Guarantee

Transparency is very important to us at Balanced Nature. From field to table, we are committed to the purest quality and highest principals.

What Is Organic?

Organic is more than a way of producing food; it is a state of mind. At Balanced Nature, we celebrate what Mother Nature has given us and this gratitude infuses all our products.


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Me and my partners have found our relationship with this team to be a mututally beneficial experience.

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I love this store. I am always able to find fresh and clean produce for me and my family. Simply love it! Highly Recommended.

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