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Organic is more than a way of producing food; it is a state of mind. At Balanced Nature, we celebrate what Mother Nature has given us and this gratitude infuses all our products.

Organic agriculture pays close attention to the natural systems. It means fewer chemicals on the land such as artificial fertilisers, which in turn impacts wildlife and biodiversity. Organic means the avoidance of hormones, medicines and antibiotics in rearing livestock and saying NO to genetic modification. Organic farming cares about animal welfare, the animals live in more natural, free conditions.

Studies show there are higher concentrations of vitamins, minerals and omega-3s in organic products. A recent review revealed higher levels of vitamins and antioxidants in some (though not all) organic fruit and vegetables as well as lower levels of pesticide residues and heavy metals.

One of the biggest studies into organic food has found that it is notably more nutritious than ordinary produce and may help to lengthen people’s lives. The findings claimed organic fruit and vegetables contained as much as 40% more antioxidants, which scientists believe can cut the risk of cancer and heart disease. They also had higher levels of beneficial minerals such as iron and zinc.


The proven benefits of organic are:

  • Fewer pesticides
  • No artificial colours& preservatives
  • The highest standards of animal welfare
  • No routine use of antibiotics
  • GM Free

Organic farms are havens for our wildlife and provide sanctuaries for birds, butterflies and bees. There is up for 50% more wildlife on organic farms!



Converting land to organic status is a lengthy three-year process. There is a two-year conversion process consisting of building up the fertility of the land. Produce harvested or produced in the first year cannot be stated as organic. In the second year produce may be described as “In Conversion”. It is not until the third year that produce may be stated as fully organic. This is because elements such a soil and natural fertility building are vital parts of organic farming.

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