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OUR STORY – Peter & Julia, Founders, Balanced Nature

OUR STORY – Peter & Julia, Founders, Balanced Nature

We arrived in London 15 years ago, having grown up on the Baltic Coast. Our childhoods were spent surrounded by the vast landscapes of Eastern Europe with its huge skies and endless plains. There was a deeply ingrained respect for nature in our cultures – ancient farming communities that lived by the old calendars of sun and harvest.

London was a heady change of scene – enveloped in big city survival, we chased careers and material success. Life was lived day to day and, although a lot of fun was had, there was a growing inner need for more fulfilment and connection with the real world outside the borders and artifice of city life.

We met each other at exactly the right time for us both to begin a new chapter – together. In addition to getting engaged, we began to embark on a mutual journey of growing awareness of the need for change, both in our lifestyles and our environments.

This was when the story of Balanced Nature began, born from a realisation of the truly important things in life. Along with many of our generation, we began to develop a new love for ourselves and those around us, a hunger to know our purpose in life and, above all, a yearning to make a positive, lasting impact on the world we live in. Our health took on a new importance and, as years of neglect began to be turned around, to discover the natural treasures given to us all by the earth.

Changing our eating habits was only the beginning. We soon discovered that as our minds and bodies were cleansed from the additives and toxins found in processed food, our spirits and sense of vision grew alongside the detoxification process.

The idea of creating totally organic and vegan food products was a natural step forward. We needed to share our discoveries around healthy eating and holistic living, nourishing the mind, body and soul.

This shared mission began to take shape. Balanced Nature evolved into the exciting venture we are launching now.  We fell in love with the craft of making both fermented kombucha and pure raw chocolate, so have focused on these two handmade products for our first collection.

In 2016, we packed our belongings in a car and headed for a new life out of London into the green, wide open spaces of Hampshire, settling in a friendly little village outside the beautiful city of Winchester.

Here the elements around us, the fresh air whistling through the chestnut trees around our workshop, the bluebell-carpeted forest serenading our journey home, the babbling pure water from local springs, all sing together to create a harmony that is Mother Nature’s precious gift to us. This local landscape never fails to inspire and motivate our newfound desire to push the organic food market to new levels in taste, quality and sustainability.

We want Balanced Nature to be so much more than a ‘company’ or ‘product’. It is a quest into the heart of what our earth offers us with open hands, her nurturing produce and nectar. We truly believe in the healing power of what we are producing in this little corner of the British countryside and hope you will feel it, too.



Peter & Julia

June 2017

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  • Elle Frizzell Posted 25th September 2017 4:29 pm

    Just wanted to say that I think what you guys do is great. I recently found your products in ‘The Health Cupboard’ in Winchester & my whole family love your kombucha; I love making new health discoveries. I also love your maca raw chocolate.
    Thanks for sharing your passion for wellbeing & creating such great quality products.

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