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We are still coming down to earth from an amazing launch at the Just V Show at Kensington’s Olympia ten days ago. This exciting event sees brands and thousands of visitors from all over the world coming together to celebrate the vegetarian/vegan movements. We loved showcasing our first products to an international audience. Julia created a ‘nature’s harvest’ theme for our stand, with hop sack covered tables strewn with dried wild flowers, herbs and of course our bottles of kombucha drinks and raw chocolate. We put a lot of thought into the look and feel of our presentation so that it would clearly communicate the heart of our new brand. The reception Balanced Nature received from both fellow exhibitors and visitors alike was absolutely wonderful.


We loved the feedback from our tastings. Our Kombucha drinks attracted a lot of attention as we were the sole producers of this healthy beverage at the show. It was fascinating to chat with other people who have had experiences brewing their own kombucha. They readily shared images and tips with us, which we were truly inspired by. Our five flavours were much commented on for their striking qualities – Balanced Nature is unique in the market for our herbal infusions – Jasmine green tea as well as green tea with lemongrass being particularly popular ones. The incredible response we received confirmed our view that more and more people are discovering kombucha to be the healthiest and most life-giving of the fermented wonder foods – which is why we use the phrase ‘sip and heal’ – we really do believe in it!


A lot of visitors asked about stockist details – stay tuned for upcoming news! Meanwhile, of course, our kombucha drinks can be purchased directly from our website….One customer returned to our stand at the end of the day to buy six large bottles to take with her to Australia the following morning! She very generously commented that she has been drinking kombucha for 20 years and that ours were by far the most delicious she had come across! Such moments make all the hard work worthwhile…


The other star of the show was our raw chocolate. We launched our first two flavours, Dark with Maca and Intense Dark. The challenge of producing authentic raw chocolate is, in a sense, to play with people’s pre-conditioned expectations of how they think chocolate should taste – often based on decades of eating the refined version. It was fascinating for us to hear visitors commenting on the rich bitter snap that comes with real raw chocolate – this is a sign of purity and comes from using unroasted cacao beans. The bars were sampled and enjoyed by hundreds of tasters over three days. Again, the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. One lady grew nostalgic upon tasting a piece of our Intense Dark version and said she used to adore raw chocolate in Hawaii 15 years ago and had not encountered it since, she loved the rich flavour and went away with a good supply!


As with the kombucha, there was lots of discussion, questions and feedback about the flavours. We use Maca (we will share more about its powerful qualities in an upcoming blog post), a miracle South American root and people were intrigued to hear about this natural superfood. The newly designed packaging was also admired, the simplicity of our signature brown paper stamped with gold drew curiosity and, we are thrilled to say, praise.


We returned to sunny Hampshire on a true high and with increased confidence that Balanced Nature will be a platform to bring something special and positive to society. The next step in the vision is to build up our stockists nationwide and perhaps have workshop days at our rural studio. Life is good.

We would love to invite you to continue on this journey with us!



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